Medaglio d’Oro Line

Coffee capsule production 
in Pavia


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The Gold Medal roasting company was founded in the early 1940s in Pavia as an expression of the desire to create a brand of excellence in the creation of the best coffees that were then being produced in the Lombardy area. The founders of the historic company wanted to recreate that exotic taste of coffee countries in their blends, melting them in a cup allowing the typical scents of Latin America to emanate. That's why, over the years, the brand has kept intact the historical blend that contains the secret of its success for almost 80 years and still today this mixture is offered in bars and stores that aspire to the highest quality every day.

The Coffee Capsule Revolution

The Hotel and Catering world has recently seen the entry of coffee capsules, which has in fact replaced the tradition of coffee in moka  machines and is slowly replacing coffee in pods. IRC - Industrie Riunite del Caffè wanted to seize this new opportunity and in recent years has equipped itself with two coffee capsule production lines using the most modern technologies for the production and packaging of this innovative product. The capsules are packaged in heat-shrinkable material in an atmosphere modified with CO2 according to the customer's needs. The neutral coils can be customized with any logo as the packaging machine is equipped with a black and white marker on a neutral coil. The two TME production lines are capable of producing 280 caps per minute, which means that our annual production potential is almost 15 million capsules.

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