The history of Industrie Riunite del Caffè stems from the awareness that the traditions of a company are an invaluable heritage and as a father passes on to his son the experience accumulated, for future generations, so we also try to receive and transmit the love for quality roasted coffee. It is this conviction that has led, year after year, to the development of an atypical strategy in the roasting sector, that is to say the acquisition of historical brands of the Italian coffee tradition, to then develop and maintain them intact in their consolidated traditions of quality and taste. In this context, our company has placed all its brands characterized by a strong historical and regional character under a single name. Starting from the historic Caffè Medaglia d'Oro brand and the prestigious Caffè Tubino, it has managed to maintain and develop each brand within its own well-determined geographical area, thus increasingly validating the affirmation that in Italy coffee is a matter of cities, districts and streets, with their scents and aromas depending on their location. We are convinced that coffee is for us a heritage of tastes that must be handed down in the tradition and continuity of the original blends.

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Our coffee brands

Our mission is to serve you brands that over time have carved out a solid credibility in the marketing areas. Our brands have strong roots in the geographical area they belong to and have maintained their quality characteristics over time: from the historic Caffè Medaglia d'Oro, through the prestigious Caffè Tubino, to the Caffè Hawaii and Caffè del Sole brands.

Coffee Capsules

The capsule experience, initially created for domestic consumption, is now also extended to commercial establishments. The company is able to provide small bars, restaurants and pizzerias with professional machines capable of handling the coffee capsules. This type of product allows the optimization at an economic level with low consumption, reducing energy use and waste typical of the traditional management of coffee powder, while maintaining the same quality level of the product. Don’t overlook the possibility of offering end consumers a great range of coffee with different blends.

History of Distribution

The story begins before the War, when the soldier Angelo Carboni, a man who saw beyond his time, seized the opportunity to market these precious beans in our country during his frequent trips, even at the courts of the Shah of Persia and Negus in Ethiopia. In the early 1950s, in the historical laboratory of Piazza Petrarca in Pavia, the Caffè Medaglia D'Oro was officially created, a name that was not random, deriving from the recognition received for the high quality of the product. The product is appreciated in Italy and abroad: it is said that Charles de Gaulle in Paris was a great admirer. In the early sixties, the company moved to its current location permanently, motivated by Carboni, in order to meet better the growing needs of the market.

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